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We Have a Potential Home


On Monday, October 8, 2007, the Macon County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution to lease 14 acres of land on the old Siler Farm to the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County.  This land will be the location of our Living History Farm and is located between Cartoogechaye Creek and the northern boundary of the existing Duke Energy Electric Transmission Line off Siler Road. About 50% of the land is usable for permanent structures (due to the topography of the land and the flood plain), and the rest will used as a buffer as well as for demonstrations and temporary exhibits.


Margaret Ramsey, Co-chairman of the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County, presented the proposal to the Board of Commissioners, pointing out that while the lifestyles, landscape and population are changing, the two things that cannot be changed are our heritage and our history.  She pointed out that three of the benefits of a Living History Farm will be preservation of our heritage, the creation of a destination site for tourism. and an educational component as it will "teach valuable lessons and show people today that you can survive on ingenuity and hard work."  She stressed that the FHAMC feels this endeavor would benefit the county long-term.


Our group aims to examine ways we can learn from the heritage of the county. We started small with the annual Franklin Folk Festival, a celebration of the life skills, music and dance of our region that will be entering its fifth year in 2008.  The FHAMC and the Heritage Village and Farm Advisory Committee have been working the past four years to develop the bigger concept of a living history.  A leadership team was formed to actively explore the possibilities and begin the planning process. Members include leaders in business, education, economic development and tourism, as well as the executive committee of the FHAMC. After an investigation by the FHAMC and the advisory committee, it was determined that a long-term lease will allow adequate time to procure funding and bring the Heritage Village project to fruition and develop it while protecting the interests of the county.  The FHAMC has presented the plan to community citizens and leaders and legislative representatives, who have responded to the Heritage Village with support and in the case of representatives, an offer of assistance in securing funds.


We heartily thank  Macon County's Board of Commissioners

for the unanimous decision to lease the property to our group.


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